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    Monthly Parent Meet Ups


    Join us each month for a webinar series focusing on various relevant topics, including deaf culture, music in the home, language development, reading strategies, deaf mentors, what to expect in the IFSP and IEP process, technology, parent resources, special education rights, and more! Network with other families, learn the latest information, and connect with new resources!


    February: Exploring DeafBlind Services and Access in Illinois and Beyond

    As a parent, have you ever struggled to be in connected to the ever changing world of access and services for the Deaf? Aside from the medical experts in the field who pave the path towards medical wonders of our time, where else does one turn for addressing the real need for accessibility, programs and services? Come join the CHS DeafBlind Community Program to learn more about ever changing technology and services for DeafBlind adults and youth in the Land of Lincoln. During the session, the program coordinator will cover a vast variety of topics related to not just DeafBlind services but also discuss access for those who have vision loss and hearing loss.


    When: February 23, 2021

    Time: 6:00pm (CST)

    Where: Zoom

    Cost: FREE

    Registration required: http://bit.ly/3bA3X9E

    ASL and Spanish interpretation provided.


    For more information, please contact Karla Giese, Coordinator, at CHSYouth@anixter.org.

    Sign Language Classes


    Sign Langage Classes for Families

    Family members of Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing children can join our FREE classes. Others may join for a fee.

    Taught in spoken Spanish and English.


    Contact CHSCOA@anixter.org for updated class information.



    We offer mini-sessions for elementary and middle school students. For up to date information on class offerings, click on this link to visit the CHS website.



    Interested in one-on-one ASL tutoring from a Deaf Mentor? Check out the details on the CHS website.

    Drop Everything And READ (DEAR) Day

    December 4, 2020

    Join us in our annual Drop Everything And Read event...a statewide reading day for all deaf and hard of hearing students!

    On the first Friday of December, drop everything you are doing and READ! By hosting this annual event, we hope to spark creativity and instill a sense of fun around reading!


    Let’s see how many deaf and hard of hearing students statewide can collectively come together and READ on the same day!


    sponsored by Foundation for Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation (FHSR)

    READ Day


    A child’s most important learning takes place during the first years of life. With over 90% of deaf babies being born to hearing parents, the hearing levels can create communication barriers that may delay a child’s emotional, cognitive and social development. We believe that one way to minimize this impact is through an early exposure to books.


    Sponsored by Patrick Murphy of the American Library Association (ALA), Paul Graller of the Exposition Management company Hall-Erickson, and John Loveless of GES Exposition Services.





    Open to families of Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing children. Join us for a fun-filled day of fitness, ASL storytelling, music, and cooking activities!

    Pre-Registration REQUIRED


    ASL, English, and Spanish accessible!


    In partnership with Chicago Park District, Foundation for Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation, and Advanced Bionics

    READ Kit Classes


    CHOICES for Parents offers classes for parents, toddlers, and their family members. We will focus on strategies you can use while reading books with your deaf, hard of hearing, or deafblind child using sign language, spoken language, or cued speech. We will demonstrate strategies using all modalities. The classes are free and will run for six weeks.


    For more information about these classes, please contact Karla Giese, Coordinator, at CHSYouth@anixter.org.

    Illinois EHDI Day

    CHOICES hosts this annual event that highlights the importance of early identification and intervention of children with hearing loss. We seek providers who go above and beyond in the field of early intervention. The Governor of Illinois declares March 5, 2020 as IL EHDI Day to bring awareness to Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) efforts throughout the state of Illinois.

    For more information about these classes, please contact Karla Giese, Coordinator, at CHSYouth@anixter.org.

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